A brand new feng shui book

Forgotten Feng Shui

Buried Treasure

Rediscovering the essential secrets of feng shui.

by Mike Chester
The Feng Shui Engineer

A feng shui book unlike any other

If you are looking for a feng shui book that is refreshingly different to all the others, then you have found it in Forgotten Feng Shui.

Forgotten Feng Shui is an engaging, entertaining and in-depth explanation of the foundation level ideas upon which all feng shui systems are built. The true meanings of these ideas have been almost entirely lost in recent years, obscured by a flood of over-simplified and often confusing one-size-fits-all “cures”.

In Forgotten Feng Shui, the slate is wiped clean and the real meanings of the key principles are logically rediscovered and brought to life with simplicity, humour, and a host of modern day examples. An amazing insight into how feng shui principles can be seen in action, perhaps while on a bus ride into town.

Start to develop your own view of the world using essential feng shui perspectives. Find out how house design might upset a coherent family atmosphere. Discover how modern traffic signs still conform to the energetic patterns of ancient feng shui systems. See why the Earth will never be invaded by aliens in flying saucers.

Forgotten Feng Shui is essential reading for anyone who would like to properly understand the basic ideas of genuine feng shui thinking.

From fireworks to a flooded basement, steam engines to space rockets, terraced houses to tower blocks –

this is feng shui like you’ve never seen it before.

What does a green traffic light and New York city have in common?

What do traffic lights and the skyline of New York City have to do with feng shui?

You probably wouldn’t expect to see anything about traffic lights in a feng shui book. This one is different. The signs that paint the feng shui picture of an environment are all around us if only we know how to interpret what we see.

An example of a house that can be unhelpful to relationships.

Why might relationships be more difficult in a house with this kind of layout?

Some houses are more helpful than others when it comes to supporting good relationships and family life. Find out some of the signs to look out for.

Catching CHI - the essence of feng shui.

What does this Chinese restaurant doorway have in common with Blenheim Palace?

The more CHI we can catch, the better are our chances of doing well in life. The restaurant takes steps to improve its CHI, while  Blenheim Palace automatically captures huge amounts. Find out how we all might improve the CHI catching features of the home we live in.

What has a forest bench got to do with feng shui?

Forest bench feng shui

What can a forest bench tell us about the way we are influenced by the world around us? You would be surprised.

A meal on a dinner plate: all held together nicely in front of us ready to eat.

What is Chi (Qi)

CHI is not just something that mysteriously wafts about like the mists in a Victorian séance. CHI is the natural worldly energy that we experience every day of our lives. Everything has its own CHI, its own being, presence or existence, and radiates its influence for us all to feel. A plate of food, a lamp post or a pile of rubbish all contribute to the CHI of the local environment.

Fast chi verses slow chi

How can we work out if CHI is flowing too fast or too slow? Find out why the fast flowing chi in some houses makes rooms very difficult to sit and relax in, and how this situation might be improved.